Welcome to Durham guns & ammo

A Friendly, local ffl for Firearms enthusiasts of all types and abilities

Durham Guns & Ammo is a family-owned and operated business that is here to grow with your family. DG&A is run by Byron Pierce, an FFL licensed firearms and ammunition dealer, who has over 20 years of hunting, shooting and firearms safety training, as well as an extensive knowledge of the firearms industry. Byron Pierce and the Pierce family are friendly, honest, helpful, trustworthy, and here to see that you get what you want and need… not just the latest fads in guns.

We do transfers for $25 and FSC for $15 we do these at cost for the opportunity to show you who we are. We also have all of your gunsmithing needs taken care of from our licensed and experienced gunsmith.

All firearms purchased from Durham Guns & Ammo, NEW or USED, are fully inspected and reviewed for safety and performance. Whatever you need—from rifles, shotguns, handguns, or shooting accessories, from modern to collectibles —Durham Guns & Ammo is here for you. 

In addition to handling your firearm needs, Durham Guns & Ammo carries ammo and reloading supplies, and does custom reloading. From home defense to target shooting and hunting, Byron Pierce has the knowledge and top-notch equipment to accommodate your custom ammunition needs.

At Durham Guns & Ammo, we believe in a no pressure, educational sales approach. We don’t hassle you or belittle you, as may be the case with some stores who cater to law enforcement and/or military types. We are a down home, local guns and ammo supplier for firearms enthusiasts of all types and abilities. 

Whether you’re looking for a certain gun, or would like some advice on what might be the right fit for you, give us a call today at (530) 624-6874 or click below to schedule an appointment.